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Aaron Heeg

I once drifted aimlessly, floating on the tide of life. I graduated from high school in 1988 and from college in 1992. Upon my college graduation in May of 1992, I relocated from Missouri to Texas. My lifestyle at that time consisted of a failed football career, broken relationships, sexual promiscuity, drugs, and a search for success in the business world.

On December 12th, 1992, my life crashed and hit rock bottom. I found myself in my apartment off Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, contemplating suicide and coming face to face with the reality of the emptiness of my life. It had no meaning! The pressure and failure overwhelmed me and everything around me appeared broken. Nothing worked! I sat in my tiny apartment, alone, isolated and afraid. The next day, I phoned my father and asked him to come get me. My father drove to Dallas and relocated me back to Illinois. It was there, in the home that I lived for more than 18 years, that I found the miraculous.

On the floor of my bedroom, I lay curled up like a baby and weeping from my gut, when all of a sudden, I moved to my knees with my hands raised straight up in the air! Thoughts raced through my mind, "I've prayed all the OUR FATHERS and all the HAIL MARYS a good Catholic boy could pray, but they've never worked. Why not try talking to God like He's my buddy?" In response I exclaimed, "God, what the hell do you want me to do? I feel so lost!" God spoke back to me, "I have a purpose for your life. Go back to Texas!"

The next day, I found myself compelled to return to Texas, with an unexplained certainty that my life would now have meaning. I felt saved in every sense! I now had PURPOSE and I no longer needed to wander and float aimlessly. So with $150 dollars, a one-way ticket, and three bags of clothes, I returned to Dallas.

Obeying God's clear and direct voice resulted in me discovering God's purpose for my life. I gave my life to Jesus Christ on December 17th, 1992, because on that morning, a businessman told me that Christ had a purpose for me. He said, "Aaron, if you will surrender to Christ's power and release control of your life to Him, He will FILL you full." I did exactly that and my life has never been the same.